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We here at Bedouin have one goal . . . to make the world a happier, better, more loving place. We believe that everyone has their own incredible, wonderful individual style and panache. Whatever you rock, own it- love it- live it. We hope you adore our styles as much as we do, but more importantly, we hope to inspire the world to live creatively and passionately.  


Bedouin was founded in 2009 by Ashley Borders. Bedouin means “nomad” or “traveler,” which is what Borders sees herself as and sees the world becoming. The line was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during Borders’ time living abroad. Borders has a background of international business, television/film styling and costume design and has traveled the globe since childhood. She has always been inspired by the world’s colors and faces but was most recently inspired by the colors and activity of the Middle Eastern markets and bazaars, thus, Bedouin was born.


The hand or “hamsa” that represents our logo is an ancient Bedouin symbol adorned by the Middle East and North Africa for “God’s protection.” We feel the hand represents God’s love and represents a connection between cultures.


The hand also represents our pledge to encourage economic growth and sustainability, community involvement and care for the world’s developing economies.  Once a year, Borders and her crew travel to Haiti to deliver sewing machines and provide lessons on how to utilize the machines. Not only will The Bedouin Foundation deliver resources and skills to the women of Haiti, it will return with the beautiful garments these women have created to be sold in The Bedouin Foundation Boutique. By providing resources, The Bedouin Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women as entrepreneurs all over the world.


The Bedouin Foundation is dedicated to efforts of economic growth and sustainability, community involvement and care for the world's developing economies.

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