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In 2005 Borders' family began a mission in Haiti to provide women the resources and skills to sew as a way to provide income for their families. Borders hopes to continue this mission through your purchases at The Bedouin Foundation Boutique. Once a year, Borders and her crew travel to Haiti to deliver sewing machines and provide lessons on how to utilize the machines. Not only will The Bedouin Foundation deliver resources and skills to the women of Haiti, it will return with the beautiful garments these women have created to be sold in The Bedouin Foundation Boutique. By providing resources, The Bedouin Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women as entrepreneurs all over the world.


The Bedouin Foundation is dedicated to efforts of economic growth and sustainability, community involvement and care for the world's developing economies.


Come on this journey with us. 



Bedouin Foundation Boutique

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